About Peta

I am very excited to be working with Paul and his company.

I’ve grown up doing Showhouses with my Mum from when I was as young as 9 years old, to my teens, with my regular Friday & Sunday activity involved putting up showhouse boards every weekend.
I earned my Estate Agent qualification at 20 in South Africa and have been in the property industry for over two decades.

I’ve worked in various industries, from the building industry (which included managing teams of workmen) to property renovation projects and in the hospitality industry where I managed a popular Guesthouse, restaurant & curio shop. I've also assisted with the opening of two bookshops, also buying and selling of Oregon pine furniture and also sourcing fittings for various projects and even opening and overseeing of a local neighborhood market.
I am a keen gardener and enjoy fiddling in the garden when I have time and exercising my energetic Border Collie! I’m passionate about various types of music, mostly anything with guitar and a good beat! I grew up listening to The Shadows, Beatles, Elvis and all the 60s and 80s classics! I’m also a Netflix & Youtube junkie and love all the Quentin Tarrantino films.